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In 1998, whilst working for Orcasoft Limited, I started to play chess after a break of about 20 years -- thanks to being talked into it by Martin Tucker. Martin beat me fairly consistently for a number of months 'till I left that job. He had a belief that You can never win a game of chess, you can only lose it. This can't be far from the truth!

Shortly after finishing my contract with Orcasoft, I got involved with the various Chess Clubs in Buckinghamshire and played chess frequently for the Wycombe & Hazlemere Club. For a time I was the Bucks Chess Grading Officer, and the Bucks Chess League Controller, but moving away from the UK put a stop to that.

I also play online chess here:
Gameknot - chess online

Chess wasn't always what it is today. Scientists reckon that Chaturanga is the earliest form of chess known, dating back to around 570 A.D.


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