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Brian Somers

This page contains various bits of uninteresting information about me. I currently work for OpenDNS which is now part of Cisco. If you're interested in employing me, take a look at my CV/Resume.

Me as a kid

Me in 1968

Me as an adult

Me in 2006

I now live in North Vancouver, after moving from a place called Amersham, with my wife, son and daughter. Vancouver is a great place to live, especially if you like the outdoors... something that's growing on me more and more.

When I get time (which is quite rare these days), I work on the FreeBSD project.

Me as an adult

Me in 2011

Hobbies include Scouting (I'm a Scout Leader), playing with computers and playing chess. I used to practice martial arts and play rugby, but since moving haven't really picked up on these.

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